Hello again! I am so behind in updating, so here is a rather old post! I am sorry!
 I am happy to show you my little Outfit try in the world of „Cult party key“.
Sui and me visited cologne to attend the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert!


// lace peignoir&top – Vintage & Primark / shoes – Primark / accessoires – Bodyline, Me&Zena, Kreepsville666 //

We visited the Cafe „LePomPom„. I found their Facebook page and it was so cute and lovely!








The line in front of the concert hall… So long TöT


Kyary in concert! It was a lot of fun!


So I hope I can catch up the time! I am so looking forward to the conventions and meet ups coming! And it is getting warmer again and I rearranged my room… SO much happening! I hope I can start making videos again then and start updating regular again!
I hope you all are feeling good!