A smartphone is a girls best friend?

Partly I agree. I need my phone to get help in serious situations and so you want it to be dressed matching your personal style.

My Top 3 iPhone Case picks

I decided to show you my recent top 3 iphone cases that I stumbled upon on the good old world wide web. As you can imagine those cases are indeed fitted to my personal style and aesthetics. So enjoy!

Number 1

Valfré provides you with a lot of different unique goodies! And their new iphone case is simple adorable!

Valfrè - Coffin 3D Case // 38 USD

Number 2

Killstar should be a well known brand for every alternative person out there by now, have you checked their new phone covers?

Killstar - Book of Shadow Case // 29 USD

Number 3

Killstar again and I simple adore the spooky range of items.

Killstar - Spooky Case // 29 USD

Have you dressed your phone yet?

Remember most smartphones can’t stand the cold very good so a case is not only good looking and protective when the phone drops, a silicon case can also protect your phone against the cold winter temperatures.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites!

What are your favourites at the moment? Let me know!