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Hello and welcome on my blog! You found „Wonderland gone mad“ a lifestyle and fashion blog written by Ina Doll. This is my little rabbit hole. I am a green haired girl living in Germany, Europe. I love creepy stuff and everything that is unique and fits my love for expression.

Welcome to my Blog „Wonderland gone mad“.
I love asian design and I fell in love with japanese Streetfashion. It is for me the best Synonym for innovation. It is new, it is free, it brakes trends and Rules, it changes when it wants to and shows the real vision and heart of the person wearing. Here, inside my „Wonderland“ is a mixture of everything different and out of the box.
Are you brave enough to look inside the next rabbit hole?
One of my passions is the Gothic Lolita style, because I love the aesthetics and the feeling. I fell in love with a more alternative style for every day, because I like darker colors, graphic prints and boots. I dress how I feel and I love to show it.

I hope people feel inspired to do their own thing. Be brave, be yourself!

Frequently asked questions

Style FAQ

Where do you get those clothes?

I link most of the items I wear in my outfit posts. I wear a mix of selfmade, japanese and western brands. Most of the time I buy less expensive pieces and build my outfits around a favourite main piece.

I order from japanese brands overseas.

Ah! I know it is Manga / Anime, right?

NO! It is not!
Yes, I love japanese Illustration and Comic, but the fashion style has nothing to do with it! I do not get why people always think it has a connection. This makes no sense at all!

Japanese Streetfashion always mixes western influences with traditional japanese fashion to create a new vision of individuality.

Hair FAQ

Is that your real hair?

Yes, I have GREEN HAIR. I do not use extensions most of the time, because my real hair is long and strong enough.

How do you color your hair?

I used different colors and bleach for my hair. The bleach that works best for me is „Syoss“ and my preferred brand for green hair dye is Arctic Fox.

Make up FAQ

What foundation do you use?

I use Kat von D’s Tattoo lock it foundation and mix it with Stargazers liquid white foundation to create the right tone for my face.

What lashes do you use?

I use a brand called „Diamond lash“ from japan.

Most of the time I pair them with cheap ebay lashes to create a fuller, longer look.

What lenses do you use?

I have some reviews on my blog, but I order most lenses from matlens.de!

Blog FAQ

How do I change XYZ on my blog?

I am sorry. I am not a professional web coder and I also learn a lot by the try and error method! I suggest finding a template and adjusting it to your needs.