I like the idea of being whatever I want to be!

 Hello and welcome on my blog! You found „Wonderland gone mad“ a lifestyle and fashion blog written by Ina Doll. This is my little rabbit hole. I am a green haired girl living in Germany, Europe. I love creepy stuff and everything that is unique and fits my love for expression.

About „Wonderland gone mad“

I love asian design and I fell in love with japanese Streetfashion. It is for me the best Synonym for innovation. It is new, it is free, it brakes trends and Rules, it changes when it wants to and shows the real vision and heart of the person wearing. Here, inside my „Wonderland“ is a mixture of everything different and out of the box.
Are you brave enough to look inside the next rabbit hole?
One of my passions is the Gothic Lolita style, because I love the aesthetics and the feeling. I fell in love with a more alternative style for every day, because I like darker colors, graphic prints and boots. I dress how I feel and I love to show it.
I hope people feel inspired to do their own thing. Be brave, be yourself!